Financial Planning

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know you have everything in place to enjoy a long and comfortable retirement?

Our experienced, qualified financial advisers have been serving clients both private and corporate across Aberdeen City and Shire and the wider UK for over 35 years. Whatever your financial requirements are, with Advanced Financial Planning you’re in safe hands.

We pride ourselves on delivering simple and transparent financial advice for our clients, forging relationships that will last throughout their working lives and beyond.

Successful planning is all about expertise and regular review and in particular in identifying and managing change. Once an agreement has been made to do business, our clients commit to regular (at least annual) reviews in order to ensure financial plans are on track, and to make amendments or additions as may become necessary as circumstances evolve.

It is important to note, any research we conduct and early consultations will not usually attract a charge as we aim to demonstrate where value can be added before we come to any further agreements on how best to proceed.

Our main area of business and expertise is planning at retirement and post retirement, which encompasses a number of areas of planning.

Our approach is simple. If we look after our clients then they will not want to go anywhere else – it is very much focused on long term client relationships, which often leads to intergenerational planning.